Diagnose the status of gender equality in your organisation

The gender equality diagnostic tool enables organisations to assess their current gender equality performance against a range of specific measures; we have called these “key focus areas”. Key focus areas are elements that make up an effective gender strategy from which measurable outcomes can, and should, be achieved.

The key focus areas reflect extensive research of organisational experience and international best practice in achieving gender equality progress. This research includes insights from analysis of Australian data by the WGEA from reporting over time by Australian employers.

The diagnostic tool outlines 12 “key focus areas”, all are important and none are irrelevant. They comprise a comprehensive framework for thinking about gender equality. However, this does not necessarily mean that all the focus areas need to be addressed at the same time.

It may be helpful to think of a gender equality strategy as a complex machine or engine that propels an organisation along the gender equality journey. It contains many moving parts (i.e. the key focus areas) all of which are essential to its ongoing effectiveness and longevity. If some parts are not maintained or are missing, the engine will fail, sooner or later. Some parts being absent or failing may have immediate impact; for others the effect may be more gradual.


Key focus areas

There are 12 key focus areas that make up essential components of a comprehensive gender equality strategy:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • leadership accountability
  • strategy and business case
  • measurement and reporting
  • policies and processes
  • supply chain
  • gender composition
  • gender pay equity
  • flexibility
  • talent pipeline
  • leader and manager capability
  • gender inclusive culture.


Excel tool for conducting the gender equality diagnostic step

The Agency has provided an excel file that can be used in conducting your self-assessment (below).

For more detailed information on diagnosing the status of gender equality in your organisation, please access the extended gender equality strategy toolkit (below).

Extended Gender Equality Strategy Toolkit

The toolkit provides guidance for organisations needing assistance meeting the minimum standards, those aiming to become an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality or organisations looking to adopt best practice.