This paper gives an overview of countries that have gender equality reporting schemes as well as information about a number of different models that are currently in use throughout the world.

Friday 8 March 2019 is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme, Balance for Better, is an opportunity to reflect on the areas where balance can better our communities, workplaces and personal lives. Here are some key facts about balance for women and work in Australia.

In the lead-up to the announcement of the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Order of Australia awards, community organisation Honour a Woman and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency are highlighting the current gender inequalities in the awards system and asking all Australians to nominate more women for awards.

Managers play a critical role in enabling and embedding workplace flexibility. For many managers, the need to consider how to implement flexibility only arises when their organisation or employees start expressing an interest in it.

Key aspects of this role are to:

  • find out what flexibility resources, policies or strategies, already exist in your organisation and familiarise yourself with them
  • ensure employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities around flexible work
  • provide employees with support and build a team culture based on high performance, trust and outcomes
  • ensure communication and resource management are enabled between teams and departments
  • set an example by openly supporting flexibility and working flexibly, which will help employees and teams understand that working flexibly is a normal and accepted part of work.

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