6. Review and refine

When setting up the strategy, ensure that responsibility and accountability for the governance and implementation is clear. For example, accountability for the strategy may reside with the CEO, leadership team, human resources manager, diversity council, etc.

The governance structure should incorporate a process for regular reviews of gender pay gap data, implementation of the strategy and actions, and changes as a result of actions. It is recommended that you conduct a payroll analysis and review of your strategy at least once a year and consider gender pay equity at the time of making remuneration decisions and during your organisation’s performance management process (i.e. when performance ratings are assessed and determined). Leading practice organisations conduct gender pay audits several times a year to highlight and address systemic issues as they arise.

Management reporting:

Depending on how your organisation tracks performance, it is recommended that management adopts key performance indicators (KPIs) related to both the drivers and outcomes of pay equity and reports transparently against these KPIs. It is also important to review the trends of these KPIs over time and compare your performance against industry specific benchmarks. Organisations that report to the Agency will receive comprehensive benchmark data in Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports which will enable them to do this.

Examples of gender pay equity KPIs

  • % workforce composition by gender
  • % promotions by gender
  • % promotions by part time and full time
  • % leadership composition by gender
  • number of employees attending gender equality related training
  • turnover rates of women and men
  • % project implementation / completion of specific
  • pay equity programs and initiatives
  • % like-for-like gaps
  • % by-level gender pay gaps
  • % organisation-wide gender pay gap
  • average pay by gender
  • performance ratings by gender
  • correlations between performance ratings and pay by gender and by employment status
  • employee perceptions of equal pay


Guide to gender pay equity

This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.