5. Set goals and take action

Now that you have completed the analysis and investigation of your organisation’s gender pay gaps and gathered data to explain and justify them where appropriate, you are ready to commence building an action plan to address issues of concern. You may decide to build your pay equity strategy as part of your broader gender equality strategy. In addressing like-for-like gaps, there are specific actions that can be taken to reduce and eliminate gender pay gaps. To reduce and eliminate by-level and organisation-wide gender pay gaps, many of the actions should be incorporated into a broader gender equality strategy that may include setting gender diversity targets, mainstreaming flexible work arrangements and building a gender inclusive culture.

The focus of this section is on strategies and actions to address like-for-like gaps and strategic alignment with your gender equality strategy.

Image depicting the stages of the development process

For more detailed support on setting goals and taking action, access the full gender guide to gender pay equity below.

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Guide to gender pay equity

This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.