4. Identify and analyse pay gaps

The critical step in taking action to address and improve pay equity in your organisation is to review the data and understand what is driving any gender pay gaps. The more detailed your analysis, the more you will be able to tailor a strategy and action plan to address your organisation’s specific issues. Your data analysis may uncover different types of pay gaps.

Data analysis process:

  1. Obtain the right payroll data
  2. Format the data
  3. Perform data analysis
  4. Identify any like-for-like gaps and analyse the causes
  5. Identify any By-level gaps and analyse the causes
  6. Identify any organisation-wide gaps and analyse the causes

The Agency has a gender pay gap calculator. The calculator has been designed to assist organisations conduct a payroll analysis.

There is also a technical guide which outlines:

  • how to obtain and format data for use in the payroll analysis calculator
  • how to upload and calculate gender pay gaps using the calculator
  • how to generate additional information to analyse your data.

Step 5

Guide to gender pay equity

This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.