Relevant employers will need a standard AUSkey to report online. AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business.

How to obtain an AUSkey

Check who is an Administrator AUSkey holder in your organisation

An Administrator AUSkey is usually held by the Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary or the person who usually communicates with the ATO and Centrelink. If your organisation doesn’t have an Administrator AUSkey holder, someone who is registered as an office bearer or associate of the business with the Australian Business Register (ABR) will need to contact AUSkey - 1300 287 539 - to obtain one.

Apply for a Standard AUSkey

Report contacts can apply for a Standard Auskey or Administrator Auskey holders can register on behalf of a report contact for a Standard AUSkey.

Report contacts can apply directly online for a Standard AUSkey through the AUSkey website. the Administrator AUSkey holder’s email address is required to be entered into the application. Once the application is submitted, the Administrator AUSkey holder will automatically be sent an email requesting approval of the application. For speedy approval, advise the Administrator AUSkey holder that you have applied for a Standard AUSkey and they will receive an email which requires their approval.

Administrator AUSkey holders can also apply for a Standard AUSkey on behalf of report contacts through the AUSkey website by logging into AUSkey Manager and completing a registration which requires the report contact’s full legal name and email address.  

Once approved, AUSkey will send you an email that will enable the AUSkey software to be downloaded onto your computer or USB stick. Your AUSkey will only work on one computer (i.e. you won’t be able to download it to one computer and then copy it to another). If you work on more than one computer you can request new AUSKey links to install on each computer or download the specific USB AUSkey software so you can use it across multiple computers.

Multiple AUSkeys

  • One report, multiple report contacts
    Many contacts from the same organisation can access a report submission provided each contact has their own AUSkey. These contacts can complete the report in collaboration. However, it is not advised that they login simultaneously. If you are not the primary report contact but will be assisting with completing the report, you will need to apply for your own AUSkey. Once you have your own AUSkey in the ABN of the reporting organisation, you will login into the portal through the Agency's website with that AUSkey.

  • One report contact, multiple reports (i.e. multiple AUSkeys)
    If you are submitting more than one report, you will need to apply for AUSkeys in the ABN's of the reporting organisations.

Have you forgotten your AUSkey password?

Your AUSkey password cannot be reset. If you can't remember it, you will need to register for a new AUSkey by following the instructions on the AUSkey website.

Further AUSkey issues

Please contact your IT team with AUSkey issues: you may be able to use earlier supported versions of java and ensure you have compatible operating systems and browsers.

Have your IT team call 1300 AUSkey and select Option 2 for technical support. 

You can always test that your AUSkey is up and running by logging into the AUSkey Manager.

For any questions relating to AUSkey please contact AUSkey in the first instance on 1300 287 539.