Logging in to the WGEA portal

  1. Click ‘Portal login’ from the top right corner of the Agency website, ensure that you are using the computer to which the AUSkey credential was downloaded
  2. You will be redirected to a confirmation and then to the Australian Business Register website to select your AUSkey credential
  3. Enter your password and click ‘continue’ to be directed to the WGEA portal
  4. The tab ‘Reporting’ will contain all the necessary steps for you to submit your data


AUSkey is a government security credential issued by the Australian Business Register and may not work if changes to your network or system have recently occurred. If you experience any errors:

  • Ensure that you are using the computer that the AUSkey credential was downloaded to
  • If there are no redirects from the WGEA website please ensure that the full web address ‘www.wgea.gov.au’ is in the URL
  • If you experience any errors please try clearing your internet cache, or try using a different browser, or verifying the Java version on your system and update if necessary

For issues relating to the log in installation or the software itself please contact AUSkey directly for assistance on 1300 287 539.