Guide to Australian standards on gender-inclusive job evaluation

The Guide at a glance

The Guide is presented in three sections to enable you to select the advice you need.

The first section, The Guide at a Glance, provides:

  • The “building blocks” for gender-inclusive job evaluation and grading;
  • An introduction to the Guide;
  • A summary of what is in the Guide and how to use it; and
  • An overview of the benefits of using the Guide and the Standard.

The second section, How do I show the Requirements are met?, provides an overview for each clause of the Standard, and advice on documenting how the Standard’s Requirements for the clause can be met. 

The third section of the Guide, Examples of documenting meeting the Standard’s Requirements, provides examples and formats used in real projects to show how each of the the Standard’s Requirements could be met. 

The guide is available for download below.