WGEA progress report 2017-18

The 2017-18 Progress Report for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Hands up for gender equality: A major study into confidence and career intentions of adolescent girls and boys

Australian Research: This research indicates that some of the causes of continued gender disparity in certain industries, and in gaining access to senior leadership roles in particular, can be traced to influences surrounding the experiences and decisions made in childhood and early high school years by boys and girls.

Guide to using the WGEA Gender Pay Gap Calculator

WGEA Gender Pay Gap Calculator

Myth Busting: Sexual Harassment at Work

Australian Research: In this paper, Diversity Council Australia uses evidence to debunk common myths and assumptions about sexual harassment at work.

International Reporting Schemes

This paper gives an overview of countries that have gender equality reporting schemes as well as information about a number of different models that are currently in use throughout the world.

Gender Segregation in Australia's Workforce

This paper looks at the features of ‘female-dominated’ and ‘male-dominated’ organisations, while highlighting the unequal distribution of women and men across industries and occupations.

Executive Remuneration FY 17/18

Legal services expenditure 2017-18

Digital Communications Adviser

Please read the following information about making an application.

Position number: 23864
Position title: Digital Communications Adviser
APS Level: APS 5
Position offered: Ongoing, full-time position
Salary range: Salary from $74,759 - $79,214 plus 15.4% Superannuation
Closing date: Midnight, 31 May 2019
Contact Officer: Kate Lee, Engagement Executive Manager
Contact number: (02) 9432 7000

This application package includes:

- information on how to prepare your application and the selection process
- a position description.

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