Rezarta - civil engineer

If Rezarta Rushitaj ever starts to wonder if she has chosen the right career as a Civil Engineer, all she has to do is take a drive up the motorway to get a shot of satisfaction.

“As an engineer, it is really exciting when you get to see your project being constructed. You see models and plans of a future road for months, and then to finally see it in real life is truly rewarding,” says Rezarta, who works in the Highways and Bridges team of AECOM, a multinational engineering company providing design and consulting services.

Rezarta - Civil Engineer

Rezarta is currently part of the road engineering design team working on WestConnex M4 East being delivered by the CPB/Samsung/John Holland (CSJ) joint venture. WestConnex is Australia's largest integrated transport project. On this project, Rezarta is responsible for road furniture design.

“In simple terms, this is just about everything you see on the road, from kerbs to road safety barriers, street lighting, traffic signals, signage, intelligent transport systems and so on. There are all sorts of codes and standards relating to how the road is designed. It is all about providing a safe road for the community,” she says.

Rezarta graduated from high school with good marks, winning the Dux of College award and a scholarship to study engineering at The University of Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor of Engineering degree with honours in 2011.

“High school students considering engineering must choose subjects that are prerequisites for an engineering degree such as maths, physics, chemistry and engineering studies. These were my favourite subjects,” she says.

"Every project is unique, every day you deal with a different problem and that makes it exciting. There is never an opportunity to be bored."